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Victim Of Fate

I was born in the rotten part of the town
the biggest trap i had seen
wherever you'll go and wherever you'll get to
evil is all around
My mother's a bitch my father's a killer
gettin' paid for murder
fightin' and strugglin' the whole day
the only way to survive
Wanted from law but they'll never catch me
i'd much rather die in this bloody war
Fly high touch the sky
never know the reason why it ends
victim of fate!
I had to kill people to save my own life
i don't wanna go to hell
i started at the bottom
i'm headin' for the top
I'll never return i'll never go back
to that goddamn part of the town
headhunters won't get me 'cause i'm not stupid
but this ain't the life i dreamt of
What now lonely man who's standing
in the shadows of the streets
you're left alone with no helpin' hand beside you
you hide from the daylight living in darkness
you got no friends you can trust nobody
except for yourself
the only shade that's beside you
is the shade of lucifer
laughing with a satanic smile
and his friend death sharpens his sickle
you don't wanna die, do you? but you will
you will burn in hell!
Fly high, touch the sky, you will die!

Author: Helloween