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Trust myself

Look at me im just so impressed with my self my sin is showing his face like lets go for self wake up in the morning like man im still in it look outside and yep the world still spinning the world still sinning bright litghs at night with fast living women money and fights for life yea i know im free in Christ the roman strip but my flesh kinda comes to give paul a slip plus i got a enough struggles i dont need no assistance thats why i tell temptation to keep a distance my sin nature be like i dont care thats when i play real talk 'i dont dont that there' yea if my mind just dont get the picture ur boy leans back and meditate on the scripture like romans 12 galatians 5 or ephesians 2 are made alive homie if the truth hurts cool wit me i aint tryna let sin make a fool of me never see me iced out full of jewlery too scared of what my pride might do to me

i really dont trust myself my flesh might crush myself my pride my lust my wealth thank God for Christ my help x2

i remember 1999 i thought i was doing fine a picture of perfect health i just got saved but im bout to get played cause i was trusting in myself i jumped in the car wit the crew sayin that i woudlnt do wat i used to for fun but now here temptation comes a yo dawg pass that coke and rum... im real scared of myself dawg i aint lying (just me agaisnt the world) nope i aint buying moses had aaron and herob joshua caleb Jesus roled wit twelve jonathan had david so wat i look like trusting my flesh??? on mine own ending up in my mess my sin my pride a why the Lord make me His bride?!?!?!?

i really dont trust myself my flesh might crush myself my pride my lust my wealth thank God for Christ my help x2

i said i dont trust

Author: Lecrae