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The Zeplin Song

Will you accept a connect call from robert plant
we picked him up on vine
on a bus bench
singing that song, you cannot stop
this is not the first time
He was so cute
johnny punk rock so cynical
you would have jumped him too
but now the song remains
Why are the burners always toast?
why are the stoners always stoned?
why did the chicken cross the road?
to get away from the zeplin song
I got a job
minimum wage and i table dance
he drinks my beer and plays guitar
he's on my bed wasted
every night when i come home
playing the same old lead again and again and again
Sometimes i gotta say shut up!
sometimes i gotts say so what?
i don't think that it's so punk!
what's with the zeplin song?
sometimes i gotta unwind
sometimes i gotta hide
sometimes erase and rewind
i gotta throw the trash out
He's buying a stairway to hell
yeah that is him
playing that same old zeplin song again and again and again and again and again
I'm a guitar
a les paul
single cutaway
please don't play that song on me again
i'll explode
i'll break all my strings and start playing shit
like the sex pistols or anything
son house or the blues
Why does it rain on my parade?
why does the song remain the same?
i can't remember my own name
i work for minimum wage
Oh go tell it to jimmy page
at the crossroads with that deal he made
cos that song ain't going away
oh god the zeplin song
oh no the zeplin song
here comes the zeplin song
oh god the zeplin song
Shut up!

Author: Courtney Love