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The Yellow Rose Of Texas

F:nobody else could miss her
not half as much as me
she cried so when i - pardon me
that's just a shade loud on the snare drum
c:she's the sweetest little rosebud
that texas ever knew
her eyes are bright as diamonds
they sparkle like the dew
f:see now you covered up sparkle like the dew
one of the lovliest parts in the whole -
c:texas is the only girl for me
Instrumental interlude
F:he covered up the picallos there
where the rio grand is - (snare drum drowns out)
where the rio (snare drum)
where (snare drum)
w - (snare drum)
see my feeling is while i love a good snare drum, i feel that
volume wise it's just a little too much what you're doing there.
see? see, see what i mean? now you try and hold it there.
i appreciate it.
where the rio grand (i appreciate it)
where the rio grand is flowing
and starry skies (that's better)
she walks along the river
on the quiet (oh that's so much better)
i know that she remembers
when we parted long ago
(you know that there's just a world of difference, oh mercy)
c:she's the sweetest little rosebud
that texas ever knew
her eyes are bright as diamonds
they sparkle like the dew
f:see you're slipping back into your old habits again.
why do you do that. why do you -
c:texas is the only girl for me!
f:i love a good snare drum but - hold it hold it hold it.
people people let's go back there the snare drummer
covered up the tra-la-las. we just do it again, smart aleck.
f:you see how lovely that turned out? now that's a darling part.
ok banjo...yug-dugga-dugga. that's purty. that's purty.
oh now i'm gonna (that's purty)
for my heart is full of woe
we'll do the things together
we did so long ago
we'll play the banjo gaily
she'll love me like (banjo drowns out)
excuse me, you ain't any kin to the snare drummer, are you?
c:she's the sweetest little rosebud
that texas ever knew
f:why do you do that? why do you burst out like that? it irritates me.
that irritates me. that irritates me, that's all.
but the yellow rose of texas -
hold on! hold on! hold on you smart aleck yankee drummer you!
you can cover up rose, you can cover up yellow, buddy,
but don't you cover up texas! or i'll stick your head through that
cotton-pickin snare drum and secede from the band so help me
mitch miller i will!
c:and the yellow rose of texas will be mine forever more
f:cut it off there. the record's over, you idiot. stop it,
stop it i say. just stop it, stop it. i'm getting out of here
(door slamming). he ruined the ending, one of the lovliest parts
in the whole (opens door, drummer still pounding away, slams door)

Author: Stan Freberg