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The Purest Of Knights

I see a knight&endash; a wandering fool
A man of few words
Doesn't play by the rules of deceit
I see a knight&endash; courageous and cool
A master of swords
One who never surrenders, and knows no defeat

Now their ship's setting sail
To the Castle of Sadness
Will their quest for the Grail
Lead to glory or madness
Will their search ever end
Are they lost in this secret land
Where nothing is realOne is judged by his deeds
Based on moral perfection
One is found too discrete
For not asking the questions
So their search never ends
They are lost in these secret lands
Where nothing is realThey can see it, almost touch it
But their eyes will be blinded by the light
Lacking courage, lacking virtue, lacking wisdom
Just found in the purest of knightsI see a knight&endash; his journey begins
He comes from afar
And where others have failed he'll succeed
I see a knight&endash; free of all sins
His goodness of heart will earn him his place on the Perilous SeatIn his barren domain
Waits a king for the right one
Plagued by terrible pains
That won't stop 'till the knight comes
Whose compassion is real
Then his wounds will be healed at last
All misery's passedHe can see it, he can touch it
And his eyes won't be blinded by the light
Only courage, only virtue, only wisdom
Combined in the purest of knightsI see a knight
I see a knight
I see the light

Author: Kayak