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Summer Bounce

[Chorus] Hee a lie the summer bounce, the summer bounce, yea miss summer bounce everybody bounce do the summer bounce a lie, do the summer bounce, do the summer bounce, do the summer bounce a lie, do the summer bounce, do the summer bounce a wedi weddi, weddi,weddi, weddi , a weddi a weddi Yuh Jiggy body, Yuh Jiggy body a weddi, weddi, weddi , a weddi ,weddi

[Verse 1:] Face it, bogle a tek them back to basic, as one dance done a next one replace it, put on Yuh dance shoe mek sure Yuh lace it, brand new dance can you handle it, Gella black too big so she can't shangle dip, boy like a we she fi entangle with,

do summer bounce , do summer bounce, do summer bounce, a weddi, weddi, weddi ,weddi weddi, a lie, the sea rough brand new dance weh John hype them a bust, surf and balance when the wave rise up, ding dang badda dance cause we know that tough, padlack it and figot it like a handcuff, give them a lot dance them cant get enough, mek way little fool and mek the dancing tough.

Do the summer bounce, do the summer bounce, do the summer bounce a weddi, weddi, weddi, weddi, weddi, the summer hot this a one summer me nah go forgot, how the girls look in a them tan and top, mek me do the weddi weddi dance and stop, gal hold a man then Yuh wine and stop, tun back way then Yuh wine And stop, get Jiggy, Jiggy then Yuh wine and stop,

do summer bounce, do summer bounce, do summer bounce a weddi weddi, weddi weddi, it get wild look how long me tell yu them fashion out a style, how some gal dress mek laughing spoil, sent them back to basic the dress code file, dance till Yuh sweat run like a river Nile, she want me plant it down in the soil, body look shine like she bathe in'a oil. Do the summers bounce, do the summers bounce, do the summer bounce a weddi weddi, weddi, weddi, weddi everybody we a bounce do the summer bounce, and do the summer bounce everybody

[Repeat Chorus]

Alright higher clap summer bounce taking over the world top, Tony-Matterhorn sey the dance yah a chop, cripple has a new dance weh name Handicap, from the wa day everybody a thunder clap, stop wid di lighting mine Yuh get shock, the shotta them still a dance although dem strap do summer bounce do summer bounce do summer bounce a weddi weddi, weddi, weddi, weddi, well we wear green we do the gal Maple and call her in, Show her the Jiggy and fall her in, mek she wine round her waist like a Gelatin, have the booty them a beat like tambourine, who nuh want no gal then a go get Gasoline, everybody mek noise till the roof cave in, do summer, do summer bounce. Do summer bounce everybody we have fun, remind the shotta them a gal ova gun, a deal we a deal with the war fi done, crime and violence that get out done, give we any gal a could a virgin or a nun, do the Weddi weddi no comparison, come with Yuh old dance and get embarrassin', do summer bounce, do summer bounce, do summer bounce a weddi weddi weddi weddi that's why top-A-nar see a pretty gal deh go wine up pan her, stop tough up Yuh face like the Pablo Escobar, you tek it too far party from yah so straight back to Savlamar, remember every ghetto youth them is a star, 2004 me and the gal them a par do summer bounce, do summer bounce, do summer bounce everybody bounce.

[Repeat Chorus]

Author: Elephant Man