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Sloppy Joe

this is a song
this is a- this is a new song uh
itand's uh through the eyes of one of the greatest
people alive i feel...the lunch lady
i woke up in the morning
put on my new plastic glove
served some reheated sausberry steak
with a little slice of love
i got no clue what the
chicken pot pie is made of
i just know everythingand's doing fine
down here in lunch lady land
Well i wear net on my head
and'cause my red hair is fallinand' out
i wear these brown orthapiedic shoes
and'cause i got a bad case of degout
i know you want seconds on the corndogs
but thereand's no reason to shout
everybody get enough food down here
in lunch lady land
Well yesterdays meatloaf is todayand's
sloppy joeand's
and my breath reaks of tuna
and thereand's lots of black hairs
cominand' out of my nose
In lunch lady land
your dreams come true
clouds made of carrots and peas
mountains built of shepards pie
and...rivers made of macaroni and chesse
but donand't forget to return your trays
and try to ignore my gum disease
no students can escape the magic of
lunch lady land
Oh oh oh oh oh
hoagies and grinders x3
navy beans x3
hoagies and grinders, hoagies and grinders
navy beans, navy beans
meatloaf sandwich
sloppy joe slop, sloppy joe
sloppy joe slop, sloppy joe uh-hu
sloppy joe slop, sloppy joe uu-dah
sloppy joe slop, *pphhbbb* joe
Dreamt one morning and i woke up to see
all the pepperoni pizza wasand'a lookinand' at me
it screamed andquot;why do you burn me and serve
up cold?andquot; i said andquot;i got the spatula,
just do what youand're toldandquot;
Then the liver and onion started
joinin the fight
and the choclate pudding pushed me
withand'a all itand's might
then the chop suuie pushed me and it kicked me in the head andquot;itand's called revenge lunch ladyandquot;
said the garlic bread
I said andquot;what did i do
to make all so mad andquot; they said andquot;you got flabby
arms and your breath is badandquot;
then the green beans said andquot;you better run
and hideandquot; but then my friend sloppy joe
came and joined my side
he said andquot; if it wasnand't for the lunch lady
the kids woulnand't eat ya
you should be shaking her hand
and saying and'please to meet yaand'
she gives you a purpose and she give you a goal
you should be kissin her feet and kissin her
so...andquot;now all the angry food just leave me aloneandquot;
and we all lived together in a happy home
thanks to
sloppy joe slop, sloppy joe yeah
sloppy joe slop, sloppy joe yee-ah
sloppy joe slop, sloppy joe uh-huh
sloppy joe slop, sloppy joe
Now me and sloppy joe got married
we got six kids and weand're doinand' just fine
down in lunch lady laaaaaauuuuuuunnnnnndd!
thank you!
thank you

Author: Adam Sandler