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She Got It

[Intro:] J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League [echoes and fades]

Yeah, 2 Pistols... T-Pain, "She Got It"

[T-Pain:] Ahhhh, YEAHH Yeahhh, HEY~!

[Chorus: T-Pain] I know she got it cause she lookin at me like she want it (want it) She drop it low, make me wanna throw some D's on it (HEY~!) Whatever it is you cain't stop it Cause she get low, when she on that pole, and that let's me know She got it (she got it) she got it (she got it) She got it (she got it) she got it (she got it) Ooooooooh! (she got it) she got it (she got it) Whoahh (she got it) shor-tay (she... got... it)

[2 Pistols - overlaps last line of Chorus] Ay, supermodel, lemme holla at you for a second... Excuse moi, let me talk to you for a second Lil' mama so fine she got the whole squad sweatin Damn, how you fit all that in them jeans? Was the question that I asked followed by let me buy you a drink (drink) Young boss baby, I treat'cha treat'cha to the finer things The neck bling, wrist bling, wedding ring - nah~! I'm playin Might light you neck or your wrist But'cha gotta ride nice dick and uhh, take trips with the bricks She got it (she got it) she got it (she got it) that's what Pain said Them other niggaz lame man, lil' mama I got the game plan 2 Pistols, me and you boss I make it happen while they talk, ridin 6's while they walk


[Interlude: T-Pain {2 Pistols}] Ooooh (HEY!) ooooh (HEY!) She got it (she got it) - {she got it, she got it} Ooooh (HEY!) ooooh (HEY!) She got it (she got it) - {she got it, she got it} Shorty know she's got it (HEY!) got it, got it (HEY!) She got it (she got it) - {she got it, she got it} Shorty know she's got it (HEY!) got it, got it (HEY!) She got it (she got it) - {she... got... it)

[2 Pistols:] Damn she bad (damn she bad) damn she thick (yes indeed) Five foot five, hazel eyes, redbone you da shit Make a nigga wanna stop and stare, I just wanna pull your hair Freaky shit, kinky shit, but we don't need to take it there I'm a young boss girl, let me upgrade ya He's a worker, I get work out, what you 'bout girl Trips to Venice (Venice) what's the bid'ness Bet this, Swiss your digits, and the rest is history


[Tay Dizm:] I see my superwoman, nobody cain't do it like she can And she got it, I'm tellin you like nobody YEAH And I love the way she talk them lames out they dreams Bestest thing in fresh Louis with the matching jeans And I love the tatted down baby, I'm your fit Can I be yo' appetizer, yo just her and me Oh, she's on tonight, the baddest in the club I grab that ass when she give me a hug cause


Author: 2 Pistols