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Room No 99

Trying to hold back the jaws of mankind
trying to avoid their hysteric lives
where i walk or where i stand underground or no mans land
my eyes will always see what theyand've always seen
my ears will always hear what theyand've always heard
cause iand'm back in room no. 99! i could stay there for a lifetime!
cause iand'm back in room no.99! when universe is on my side!
Canand't pay the price of a madly game
iand'm a victim who will stay the same
where i talk or where i go. something tells me that it hurts me so
hungry rebels cut my way they steal and others have to pay
spit or swallow thats a fact. iand'm going back going back!
cause iand'm back in room no.99! you can be blind there for a lifetime!
cause iand'm back in room no.99! when universe is on your side!
No! no! no!
my eyes will never see what theyand've used to see!
my ears will never hear what theyand've used to hear!
[repeat first chorus]

Author: Soilwork