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Like a ghost i wander
withdrawn from reality
becoming a misantrophe
summonizing spirits to me
fighting humanity
no need to watch my back
for they are fighting with me
We match into war slaughtering mankind
if you try to stop us we will give you hell
(from wich we came)
join us if you dare
join us if you can
choose sides,
or escape to survive
Blood red is the sky
blood red is the earth
blood red are the rivers and mountains
that we pass
black smoke fills the air
from the corpse pyres around
burning mankind
and have it buried underground
Their funeral pyres, lighting the earth
smoke blots out the sun, creating eternal night
gone is humanity, trampled to the ground
suffocated by the ashes, utopia of thy design
Lend us your sword
and ours will be yours
give us your strength
and recieve it thousandtold
the demon army
marching over forth
fullfilling the vision:
an untained world
Don't oppose us...resistance is futile
we annhilate all enemy forces
nobody can stop us now
defeat of mankind, a victory of

Author: 1349