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L.a., L.a.

L.a. l.a. big city of dreams
but everything in l.a. aint always what it seems
you might get fooled if you come from outta town
cuz we comin from queens and gets down
Jose-luis gotcha holdin guns in tons
general, emanual rock emerald
government out to get me, tryin to stick me
move quickly, yo the god study swiftly
indian style, knees bent, hands together
regulate, drama kickin like east state
money to make, 1st of the month son chop the wait
break the law and gotta score like before
armageddon, mary-tree smoke wettin
if thats jeddy, shoppin sprees are ready
My crew in the front got it lock
my live niggas in the back got the gat
so were true to this black
4-4 like some more
1 to the dome, lubricate your thoughts
black mask stole the ride to avoid up north
jeopardize my freedom, blink out when i see you
but nine out of ten niggas wouldnt wanna be you
rob him for his cash and spend it like
ah-yo the rap shit is ill
kid you make mad dough but still
hit your crew off it aint slink-real
show some love kid aint no selfish shit here
Chorus: repeat 4x
Im in too deep, losin sleep i canand't call it
in love wit this drug shit, loyal and all for it
whats a nigga to do? wit no cash at 22
take it, or find the best way to make it fast
my mans rakin cash, fuck bein lieutenant
im in it to win it so it might just take a minute
to gain grams, put my game plan in action
ways to make it happen, to days to get the jack-son
once the weight comes, iand'm outta state triple sums
count my funds, i got guns that cripple sons
whatand's the use of heat, wit no dough to flee the streets
caught a trace of no chaser and your dead meat
legal aid type of rider, have you shppied in greens
10 thou for a lawyer now who splits your cream
game is deeper than the sea itself
agile moves to make fragile crews deflate under pressure
take it to the next measure wit all pleasure
and stack treasure....illegal life forever
Yeah all together, like a butter soft leather
Been on this planet for 25 years and still strong
the worlds rotten like the veins in my fathers arm
i remain calm, study isalm, read the torah
world goin in flames like sodom and gomora
niggas dried up
layin in the box from the virus
commercial thugs tried to bust gats at the livest
its like in crime, only will shine real survivors
yall hallf-way niggas, iand'd advise you not to try this
so brace yourself before you get yourself laced
fuckin wit them sick arabic scarface
la ellah illa allah illa allah
your fuckin wit the god
escumar asdubar
official, my missle rips through your bone gristle
why you sneak leavin niggas get locked and blow the whistle
for the jake, my mouthpiece remains my new
team made my bail, scooped me in the lex-coupe
now iand'm out back to the galaxy of queens
live between the crimes scenes
servin fans like fiends....fiends....fiends....
so it seems
Yo, eternally
the game reverse and burn me
my man turn states and took the 1 to 3
snitchin on me, how could it be we was team
i guess it got divided by the cream
fbi, raided my crib where i live
snatch my wife, child welfare took my kids
yo i canand't live
i got hit wit double life bid
from the stress, my head throbbin like a tumor
its 1 oand'clock niggas are lock i catch shuma
lay down my towel slide off my suede pumas
the rumors spread around the jail like that
been down for 6 joints holdin down this flat
latin kings do they things, ice pick for gats
tryin to lay my garbody gats all on they back
but never that....
Yo..q-b-c, 2-5 and mobb deep
mami rest in peace
its allah
one love to that nigga marley marl

Author: Noreaga