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Killing Andy Warhol

Did you ever see the sun rise up
above this blackened hole
did you ever feel that what you want's
not under your control
ever think that how you feel
is not quite what you are
some of us are satellites
some are superstars
they're killing andy warhol
he's a saint and he's a thief
we'll all die a million times
that's what i believe
Killing andy warhol
killing andy warhol
They say the rain in europe
cools you down and helps you think
water, water everywhere
nothing you can drink
kissing andy warhol
his skin feels like a shark
white hair sits so beautiful
eyelids are so dark
and i'm trying to get ahead
like any boy or girl
there'd be no dictators anywhere
if i could rule the world
Killing andy warhol
killing andy warhol
That's impossible - he got all that money
adorable - having all that money
feasable - that it's all black money
it's so criminal - making all that money
All i want, is what i'd want
but i don't want that now
they're dressing andy warhol up
if only thay knew how
jesus on the neon sign
turns and starts to laugh
and i'm thinking about this oxygen
and how i'll make it last
Killing andy warhol
He's a saint - yeah he's a thief
motorways are everywhere
with no clean air to breathe
Killing andy warhol
killing andy warhol
Till the end of time
till the end of time
Having all that money
killing andy warhol
he's got all that money
and it's real black money
making all that money
killing andy warhol
killing andy warhol
Written by : kerr/burchill reproduced without permission

Author: Simple Minds