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    Some things you need in your kitchen to make it a safer and comfortable

  • Technology Fascinations Drons

    The first approach with technology starts at an early age, at home the children starts copying their parents and siblings gives them the opportunity to make sense of the world around them. Schools are now on the the instuments that our children have at their disposal, schools are integrating all kinds of technological advances

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    DSLRs may appear somewhat boxy and outdated next to the more beautyfull offerings from sector... there’s such a vast selection of highly capable models under 700$ with awesome features

  • LEGO Creator Red Go-Kart

    The LEGO Creator Red Go-Kart is a 106-piece construction set that lets kids build a red go-kart and then rebuild it into a quad bike or forklift that can accommodate a minifigure
  • LEGO Creator Ferrari F40

    Creator set depicting the iconic Ferrari F40. It features aerodynamic lines, vented hinged rear hatch, doors that open, and details all around and inside the car

Intro (The Red Light District)

Yeh, ohh! Check me out, look

It goes love, hate, pleasure and pain Fo' albums in the can and I'm STILL in the game (what up?) And last album, they don't like me to tell this Debuted at #1 and sold more records than Elvis (shut up!) That's what they tellin me, switch up your melody Through with misdemeanors, they tryin to give rappers felonies So they can lock us up one at a time But true writers stay FREE in e'ry one of our lines And if you not feelin I'm the cream of the crop I'll KNOCK rappers off your list 'til I get to the top! Still you lookin at a man that's financially stable Only nigga gettin checks cut from four different labels That Pillsbury dough, women poke my guts Still I walk around the streets like I'm broke as FUCK So if you see me in your town and I appear to be moody It's cause I'm thinkin 'bout plans that's bigger than Serena booty Me and Shaka still starvin and lookin for meals And HEADS UP! Ludacris is almost out of his deal I'm over ten million sold, every album is CRACK And for now I'm bout to carry Def Jam on my BACK Mad rappers I hear you talkin way down at the bottom Though I make big money, still handle small problems The ramblin at the mouth, I don't PLAY THAT SHIT I'm the best and I ain't really got SAY THAT SHIT!

Author: Ludacris