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  • Some Kitchen Gadgets to make it better place

    Some things you need in your kitchen to make it a safer and comfortable

  • Technology Fascinations Drons

    The first approach with technology starts at an early age, at home the children starts copying their parents and siblings gives them the opportunity to make sense of the world around them. Schools are now on the the instuments that our children have at their disposal, schools are integrating all kinds of technological advances

  • Start in Camera under 700$

    DSLRs may appear somewhat boxy and outdated next to the more beautyfull offerings from sector... there’s such a vast selection of highly capable models under 700$ with awesome features

  • LEGO Creator Red Go-Kart

    The LEGO Creator Red Go-Kart is a 106-piece construction set that lets kids build a red go-kart and then rebuild it into a quad bike or forklift that can accommodate a minifigure
  • LEGO Creator Ferrari F40

    Creator set depicting the iconic Ferrari F40. It features aerodynamic lines, vented hinged rear hatch, doors that open, and details all around and inside the car

His Last Words

My father was too weak to parry the blade As death's scythe swept through the house one night When we were busy doing other things Dust filled his mouth and stopped his breath And darkness took his soul in this familiar place

His body, wasted by the sickness His spirit weary from the battle He spoke to me, forever his son Of all things save death: I longed to face it with him But seeing his fear I feared to speak of it

And though we both saw death's dark irresistible form In the far corner We talked instead of evening shadows On bedroom walls

And so it went There were no proud and profound last words No bright ringing final moment of clarity He just died We kissed his still warm face And promised forever

The cold wind blew through the trees in my father's yard And I looked for meaning