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Fourth of july, asbury park (sandy)

Sandy, the fireworks are hailinand' over little eden tonight
forcinand' a light into all those stony faces left stranded on this warm july
down in town the circuitand's full of switchblade lovers, so fast, so shiny, so sharp
as the wizards play down on pinball way on the boardwalk way past dark
and the boys from the casino dance with their shirts open like latin lovers on the shore
chasinand' all them silly new york virgins by the score
Sandy, the aurora is risinand' behind us
those pier lights, our carnival life forever
oh, love me tonight, for i may never see you again
hey, sandy girl... my baby
Now the greasers, they tramp the streets or get busted for sleepinand' on the beach all night
them boys in their high heels, ah sandy, their skins are so white
and me, i just got tired of hanginand' in them dusty arcades, banginand' them pleasure machines
chasinand' the factory girls underneath the boardwalk, where they all promised to unsnap their jeans
and you know that tilt-a-whirl down on the south beach drag? i got on it last night and my shirt got caught
and it kept me spinninand', they didnand't think iand'd ever get off
Sandy, the aurora is risinand' behind us
those pier lights, our carnival life on the water
runninand', laughinand' underneath the boardwalk with the bossand's daughter
i remember, sandy girl... my baby
Sandy, the waitress i was seeinand' lost her desire for me
i spoke with her last night, she said she wonand't set herself on fire for me anymore
she worked that joint under the boardwalk, she was always the girl you saw boppinand' down the beach with the radio
kids say last night she was dressed like a star in one of the cheap little seaside bars, and i saw her parked with her lover boy out on the kokomo
did you hear, the cops finally busted madame marie for tellinand' fortunes better than they do?
for me this carnival lifeand's through-- you ought to quit this scene too
Sandy, the aurora is risinand' behind us
those pier lights, our carnival life forever
oh, love me tonight and i promise iand'll love you forever
oh, i mean it, sandy girl