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Focused daily

[featuring evidence]
Sleep on the champ man you better read the scouting report
You doubtin this so i connect wit mr. alchemist
The soul assassin straight blastin bringin heat
You marvel at my connects wonderin why you canand't compete
Youand're not competitive youand're more like a sedative
You put me to sleep wit each line are you the bedtime kid?
Yet in still i remain crisp like newly printed bills
And watch for those money-hungry anita hilland's
Lyrics are effortless, no matter how stormy the weather gets
Those who know me like kobe say andquot;heand's proliferateandquot;
The gifted kid, focused like triangular pushups
Why you claim to be hard when you a buttercup?
I fuck shit up, stutter step wit action packed mag
Donand't pull no crap just hit the track like a fullback
Lead block, donand't mistake this for no pop-rap, pop
But that raw deal feel, that real hip-hop
Chorus 2x
We straight serious in this
The thicker the weather gets, itand's serious business
Focused daily
Iand'm twelve inches, get under skins like splinters
Watch my blind side, catch a elbow to the dentures
Never drop dimes, iand'd rather save expenses
Evidence, iand'm the intense, pressure makes key decisions
This track hits like sonny liston for the alchemist
Will someone give me an award, illest vocalist
Iand'll come wack when ll loses the hat
Better yet, catch me wit feds when jordan grows dreds
I own scissors for clones, kill mics and mega-phones
Loud, be me or beat king shamiq, and do it to the crowd
I throw bucks under daly like chuck
Always focused, evidence yo hereand's a notice
Of eviction, time to leave the premises
This albums is incredible, less are arch-nemesis
I feel better cuz i spoke my peace
Bout to cop a twine sack and smoke that piece
Chorus 5x
My lyric-als unparall-el
You couldnand't even catch a line if i called you on your chip (sup?)
*ring* in your ear, crisp and clear
This nigga defariand's marvelous like chinese new year
Occasions, leavin brains battered, bruised, and blazin
A statesman, in the sun, herut the l.a. shogun
Show some, show many, that lyrics are plated for
Iand'm here to last in the late night, more longer than arsenio
Defari, diamond in the rough wit hot stuff
So many niggas claim that they focused, but thatand's a fuckin bluff
Or a lie, you canand't lie to a man with a third eye
Iand'm in tune wit this shit, like when the birds fly
Itand's not enough to be focused just in the mind
Like the locust, i swarm physically plus mentally
Which means compeletely, i connect wit the drums
Thereand's grown men here wit seriousness, this ainand't no play for fun
Chorus 4x
We straight serious in this
andquot;when i rock straight kids rejoiceandquot; [guru]
Focused daily
We straight serious in this
andquot;when i rock straight kids rejoiceandquot;
Focused daily
*cut and scratched* andquot;when i rock straight kids rejoiceandquot; andquot;defariandquot; (6x)

Author: Defari