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Deathtrip To A Mirage Asylum

Life is deceiving while death is revealing
the mystic forces in the soul
mind is receiving the certain dark feeling
the murderous sources of the ghoul
Life is the enemy while death is the sacred key
to absent sights that recall
dimensional tyranny enslavement in cruelty
in darkness one float or one fall
Th the abyss` morbid enigmas
Far beyond the earthly grave
soul betakes to drift astray
infinite horizons of pale grey skies
a still born heart within there lies
the sanctuary that once was lost
is streaming endlessly in holocaust
the astral corpse is still pulsating
in a mirage asylum awaiting
The final destination, the ultimate denomination
In limbonic life i`ve slept
dreamt that cryptic seals me kept
sheltered from all visual sight
cause shadows chased every sign of light
awakened from an ancient slumber
recalled to act of strife
My spirit old any my body cold remains in dark demise
Immortality beloved am i to dying
and the whispering of secrets to my soul
i am born to sing this sorrow
evil has no rest in me
The invisible addiction of darkness, emptiness
And the ghastly silence...devour
deathtrip to a mirag asylum
Cut the string the chain to soil
unleash the powers within death`s coil
no darker emotion is there to find
than the fading felling of a dying kind
Deathtrip to a mirage asylum
In limbonic life i`ve slept
dreamt that cryptic seals me kept
shelterd from all visual sight
cause shadows chased every sing of light
in the light of my personal sacrifice
in the shine from the ruins i testify
far more savage the spiritual vulture
in the light of my personal sacrifice
in the shine from the ruins i sanctify
unto the valley of the shadows of death

Author: Limbonic Art