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Crawl before you ball

Yo saafir whatand's goinand' on playboy?
Saafir: whatand's really goinand' on?

Huh you tell me baby.

Saafir:hey itand's like this man.
I gotta let these motherfuckers know how to crawl man.

I know everybody tryinand' to come up immediately.

Saafir:you know they donand't got the motherfuckinand' perseverance cause they
Ainand't have it hold up though. i gotta go and do this man.

Verse 1:
You can hear the ambition mobbinand' in my po position
The intention is to come up
Do your grindinand' pay the boss before you floss
And donand't lose your mind and find disciplineand'
And stackinand' your scratch
So it donand't come up missinand' in
As youand're askinand' the lord for guidance
While you ridinand'
Stickinand' and movinand' slidinand'
In and out the game
Unless you realize youand're sprung before you legalize your funds
All you track hustlers that was made for the corner
Dodginand' the coronerand's office
Iand'm tossinand' this at you
Now on some sermon type shit
Iand'm burninand' and i gotta write this
The mic got me ballinand'
Shot callinand'
Itand's the murk one like that
Sit back but not in starship
So i donand't tarnish or rust
When iand'm bustinand' on the next jerk
Who swears heand's ballinand' but canand't network
You better off with sexwork
The way you fucked in the game
Itand's a shame
Iand'm aiminand' at the bathroom stall on all of yand'all
With the h.j.s deflecting these hate rays
Until the sun falls
You acquired a dream
Crawl before you ball

Hook: (x2)
What you thought?
You was just gonna ball on the spot?
Letand's be real
You gotta stack dollar bills before you get a mil
Gotta handle business before you choose to chill or you fall
Crawl before you ball

Verse 2:
All you pompous ass marks in babylon yawninand'
Becominand' another nigga spawninand'
andgt;from the trenches
The stench is unknown
Iand've been crawlinand' like a two toed
Chameleon for so long
Writing these songs and ridinand' these thongs
With bracelets on they ankle bone
Thatand's anxious to moan
Like neena samone
Have a trick
Sickinand' thinkinand'
That we know itand's on
You better crawl before you ball man
Before you fall man
Keep ya hoes off your payroll
Unless they crawl with you
And you know they all with you
And even then they wonand't fall with you
Iand'm like fuck and'em
I got to
Itand's a new sheriff in town his name is reggie mamoo
Ya hear?
More like saafir
On a crawl
By watch how daddy ball
Iand'm all ears and all eyes
Iand'm crawlinand'

Bridge: (x2)
Baby baby let me kick my all to yand'all
You gotta crawl before you ball
Iand've seen so many many soldiers fall
They didnand't know you had to crawl before you ball

Verse 3:
You see gotta put in major work in at first
Before you burst
Crawl before you ball but never lose your thirst
When you ballinand'
Or you gonna end up broke and butt naked with no garments on
While iand'm makinand' more cheese than parmesian
Learn game at a fast rate
Apply it to my walk then stalk
I wonand't fall off cause iand'm a put in that work
And iand'm a stick to that plan
Now iand'm a stay down with my folleys
The team then turn and brace god gave green
Going, going till iand'm gone
Iand'm ballinand'