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Bobby brown goes down

Hey, there people iand'm bobby brown,
they say iand'm the cutest boy in town!
my car is fast, my teeth are shiny,
so tell all the girls they can kiss my heini!
here i am at a famous school,
i present sharp and iand'm actinand' cool.
iand've got a chearleader here wants to help
with my paper let her do all the work
and maybe later i rape her!
Oh, god i am the american dream
i do not think iand'm too extreme
and iand'm a handsome son of a bich,
iand'm gonna get a good job and be real rich!
(get a good, get a good, get a good, get a good..)
Womans liberation
came creepinand' all across the nation.
i tell you, people, i was not ready
when i fucked this dyke by the name of freddi !
she made a little speech then,
oh she tried to make me say when...
she had my balls in a vice but she left the dick,
i guess itand's still hooked on but now it shoots to
oh, god i am the american dream,
but now i smell like vaseline
and iand'm a miserable son of a bich
am i a boy or a lady i dont know which!
(i wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder)
So i went out and bought me a leisure suit
iand'm jingling my change but iand'm still kind cute.
got a job, doing radio promo,
and none of the jocks can even tell iand'm a homo!
eventually me and a friend,
sort of drifted along into sandm
i can take about an hour of the tower of power,
as long as i get my little golden shower.
Oh, god i am the american dream,
put a spindle in my butt till it makes me scream
and my name is bobby brown,
watch me now, iand'm going down.
and my name is bobby brown,
watch me now, iand'm going down.
and my name is bobby brown,
watch me now, iand'm going down.
yeah, i donand't know if youand're surprised
andquot;this song is not about the popstar bobby brown!andquot;
frank zappa

Author: Frank Zappa