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Blue Lamp

Written by stevie nicks.

there was no message to be found anywhere in sight
inside or out
i had looked everywhere but the only lamp left on in the house
was a blue light... a blue light
I was not ready... i'm no enchantress well i was too proud
go find some christmas angel then give that to her
if that's what she angel
guardian... if you were wiser you would get out
Downstairs the big old house is mine
upstairs where the stars still laugh and they shine
downstairs where the big old house is mine
outside where the stars still laughin'
stars still laughin' shinin'
stars still laughin' cryin' shinin'
stars still laughin' cryin' shinin'
stars still laughin' shinin' shine!
Don't listen to her listen through her
some christmas angel
huh freedom well give that to her... ooh
well is that what she wants... guardian angel
guardian... if you were wiser you would get out... ooh... yeah
ooh yeah... ooh yeah... ooh yeah... ooh
And the light that shines through the shinin' night
is the lamp that i carried from my mother's home
and the light that burns through the window pane
and the love remains

Author: Steve Nicks