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Beyond The Mountain Of Frozen Spell

Sometimes they come back Pictures of known age Which are waiting on my advent Bitter and cold land calls me Mountains invoke my return

Shadows will slow the path To gates... land of dreams When the moons become connected Extended will be powers Undefined spells They shall be only mine Winds plead me to come back To reach the path Through temptation fo night 'Cause throne is alone In cold eternal kingdom

I shall be returned through infinity There... Where mountains reach the sky Once more that I could see How "Order Of Dragon"... arises

From the darkness we are sent

Visions of unknown whispers Dusk brings silent words And tries to remember me That once I was there In frozen land of sorrow Where forever rules winter Which I create with my departure Ice... and eternal white horizons Years are inaudible vanishing Through dank and dark time I will never find the gate And the land of my past

In depths I heard them Nocturnal children of dusk Starve and plead for more Insatiable hunger for mortal blood In depths I deliver them Toward heights of... sky. Lunarshine Will be my guide A path to find I rise from my burial-ground They're crying my name Immortal voices from the graves And resound the same When I was burnt in the eyes of death.

Author: Cynic