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talking in my sleep again
eyes twich
a sentimental something
looked lorn
and we burned and burned
i was a cinder body soul in my dreams
Breakdown amid the mixtures
avoid addictive plea
responding disillusion
encrusted cruelty
decribe why nails enclose me
eating so easily
there exists a lot of reasons
to support fatality
what you think it is
hearts beat positive
provided there's progress
does insist of the right coffin
took some food offered me
can't see myself
drank the wine
wished the feverish burst of terror
Breakdown amid the mixtures
avoid addictive plea
insist that nothing happened
chilled, bloodless fatigue
recharge with bitterness
fanatics beckoning
mistook a look empassioned
absorbed with clarity
Consciousness drifts away
discarded memory
packaged shelf life bad display
Breakdown amid the mixtures
avoid addictive plea
excessive neuromances
comfort is trechery
so pound the nails in tight
eyes screaming out of sight
against a grain-like curtain
unbearably alive

Author: Skinny Puppy